Summer Classes

June 7-23 Introduction to piano  (MW, 10:00 ages 5-8, 11:00 ages 9-12)

Get an overview of piano playing techniques, proper finger positioning and posture, scales, rhythm, and reading music in a fun intimate group setting. Lots of music games and experience. Great introduction and only $35, less than $5 a lesson. For more info see

June 7-24 Duet Extravaganza (TTh mornings, individual times)

Students will come for 45 min once a week – first 15 min with one duet partner, 15 min private and 15 min with a different duet partner. Other rehearsals with duet partners possible. A big duet performance will be held at the end for all students. (June 25 around 6:30)  Cost $30. Lessons will be held Tuesday and Thursday in the morning.

June 28 – July 16 Ears, Eyes and Brains (2x/week, MW time TBA, 45 min long)

Want to play pieces easier? These weeks will focus on reading patterns in music to make it easier to play on sight. Class will include note-reading boot-camp and ear training. Tons of games and fun. Cost $40 and includes all materials.

August 2-24 Practicing though the ages (2x/week, TTh time TBA, 45 min. no class Tues Aug 10)                                                                        Repeat Ears, Eyes and Brains (if there’s enough interest)

A combination workshop talking about different styles of music, different composers and how to play them. Also included will be tons and tons of practice tips – ways to make it more fun, faster and easier. Who doesn’t want that? Each student will learn and practice pieces from different time periods. ($30)

Also available – Lessons a la carte

For students who want traditional piano through the summer. Less recommended. Pick 10 weeks over the course of the summer for a lesson. Ask for a calendar of times I’m available. Includes duet festival for all students. $100 for whole summer. Can pay in monthly installments.


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